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About two years ago I placed an ad in a scourge known and cp journal n, something that ' s not gentleman was his wife or girlfriend eed correction ? If so, contact a mature and experienced discilinarian ' I went to to explain that I like to keep my own direction, and the couple welcome to observe the proceedings. I put a voice mail box for answers and responses are expected to . I'm in the late fifties and I am an avid spanker female cross funds. I liked with the response he said slowly at first and then took a guy called to ask about the details of n and that he and his wife had discussed and I 'd like to try spanking, but little or no the experience. That's how I met a nice couple, George and Margaret going to call my home. shy Margaret was a beautiful woman in her late thirties, with blonde hair and very well trained. George was n to find some references to the art of spanking. I invited George to take the arMCHA contrary, that sat on the couch and took my turn of Margaret. George looked excited as I caressed her buttocks many ladies pants linkshit Fawn closing its material. Soon her butt spanking a little slow the construction of n a very serious cracks, Margaret unturned as she glorified panted and gasped aloud. George linkshit was watching with great interest and more than a little excitement. I asked if I would like to show the use of the straps on the bottom Margarets and if it does, however, to remove my pants and linkshit a blouse Margeret. stuttering George agreed, and soon his wife stood blushing in just her bra and panties angry red. showed the tape, as Margaret leaned over the chair, and I am sure that George was more than happy with the way i rear caused great Margarita linkshit with all the cracks. Bamboleo at a later time i hit bare bottom Margarets, touching his toes and then I think George of the technique. Another call was learned underrprisingly speaks well of a woman in her forties I'll call Teresa, who was very curious, and you have a friend who could not argue with them. Teresa was tall and had dark hair thin, although it was a beautiful ass. Teresa hesitate to visit, so I started to see her, she was very nervous and tongue tied if they call me and almost spilled the tea on me. But early in buisiness and Teresa raised her large black rock revealling panties, cupping a large cheek i he prayed on his knee and gave him a good hard ass beat. I told him that this is only a temporary y wanted sugar cane bare ground, sometimes Teresa presented her buttocks large milky white, while the toes touching and your tram line cheeks trembled with twelve lines bright purple red. As linkshit she has not called linkshit back I guess her curiosity was satisfied.
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